Monday, March 24, 2008

Bridal Shower!

-My Lovely Cake-

-Opening Morrison Gals gift-

-From Nanny & Paw-

-Heidi, Katie, Myself & Kelsey-

-Heidi, Katie, Me-

-Katie, Angie, Me-

-Opening gifts-

-Flatware and Serving Pieces-

-Slip Resistant Mixing Bowls-

-Gorgeous Blue Plate-

- Katie & Heidi were cracking me up, honestly-

-Wine Glass Markers-

-Cocktail Glasses-

-Cupcake Carrier/Baking Set-

-Opening Away-

Bridal Shower
March 15th 2-4pm- Brookwood Baptist Church Burlington NC

Yep- that's right. The wedding is quite close if I'm talking Bridal showers. Currently the wedding is 12 days away. My shower was a few weekends ago and it was really nice. I had so much fun, and got so many wonderful gifts. Katie's camera was the main camera in action that day. Apparently my current small digital camera has a taste for Duracell rechargeable batteries ONLY. Of course all I had with me that day was my energizer ones that just would NOT work. I was a bit irritated- to say the least.

Katie has a best friend in NYC, Tracy, who has a sister who also lives in Cary. She makes cakes and so she made my GORGEOUS (and Delicious) shower cake. It was carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting with a fondant covering. I loved it. It traveled safely and easily and we all enjoyed it- everyone seemed to be craving it late that night. I still have a 6 inch in the freezer frozen, waiting until one desperate evening when I just MUST have carrot cake. haha.

Rhonda made a super yummy punch, that I know I had at least five cups of. It was really good and green just the way I love it. Angela, Heidi, Katie and Patsy brought various dips, chips, fruits and veggies that completed the bridal shower theme. Everything was delicious, and I am pretty sure that I could have eaten three plates if I hadn't been socializing etc.

The day was not perfect weather wise. Driving to it was cloudy and a bit chilly, but us girls weren't freezing or anything. Driving back, it was another story. It started to rain about 35 minutes into the drive and Heidi and were both like- oh no- carrying this car full of stuff in, while it is pouring down is not going to be fun! Luckily Jordan and Shawn were both at the apartment ready to make mad dashes to and from car with packages piled high.

We finished off the evening, just the four of us, watching tv and eating papa johns pizza (too messy to venture out) and relaxing. I unpacked all the new things and started throwing out all the defective/old stuff. The next day Jordan and I took several bags of stuff we no longer wanted/needed to the local good-will store.

The "big" day is just upon the horizon. It's insane. We went last Friday and obtained our Marriage license. Very exciting. Windy day. Forgot camera. Forgot cash, had to run around downtown Raleigh trying to find an ATM. No luck. Found a CVS pharmacy. Jordan purchased tic tacs and I purchased a bottle water to get cash back so that we could pay the $50 for the license.

photos of the day. Thanks Heidi for being the camera girl and thank you Katie for having your camera!

The day shall always be a happy memory.